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    My mother is an ordinary woman,who is 1.58 meters tall.With kind appearance and good manners,you will feel that she is very amiable and noble if you meet her.

    As far as I concerned,my mother is always helping our neighbours or strangers,which makes her gain good honors in our villages.Whenever somebody needs aids,she will give her hands as much as she can.One day I went back home to see my mother,but she wasn't in.After some inquiring ,I knew that my mother was looking after a child whose mother had to work.In my mother's oppions,only when the sorrounding enviornment is harmonious and people in the society help each other,we can live a happy life and work happily and effectively.

    My grandfather is very kind to me. He loves me very much. I am the apple of his eye, but when it comes to my study he is very strict. Every day he spends more than one hour examining my homework. With his help, I have been doing well in my studies. My grandfather is also warm-hearted to his neighbors and is always ready to help them. One day, a girl who is one of his neighbors injured her leg carelessly. My grandfather took the girl to the hospital at once and paid the fees with his own savings. My grandfather is a kind and easy-going man, but now he is living in another city with my aunt. We all miss him very much and I hope that I can go to visit him soon.

    My mother has a pair of keen eyes which can speak. Whenever I encounter difficulties, her eyes will encourage me and help me cheer up. When I began learning to walk, mother always lent me a hand and encouraged me to stand up while I fell down. As I finally threw myself into her arms, her eyes Smiled with praise. Aftei I entered the school, mother's eyes still encouraged me. Once I failed my Chinese exam, my mother helped me find out the reasons instead of blaming me. Now I have grown up and become more independent, but whenever I come across setbacks, my mother's eyes are always with me encouraging me wherever I go.


    A man of small stature, he was only five feet, six inches at the most, and he was somewhat overweight even in his prime. His Italian heritage was evidenced by his dark hair, olive complexion, and strong nose. A neatly trimmed moustache adorned his upper lip. In young years, a cigar frequently protruded from under the dark moustache. Clear blue eyes contrasted nicely with his olive tone.

    There was a kindnein those eyes, and they always showed his every emotion. 能。Making him so easy to read.。An easygoing manner acted like a magnet for him, attracting the love and respect of everyone he cameJn contact with, 。 During World War II, his compassionate nature was utilized as a nurse in the Navy and in the Marines. Scars on his back were proof of his heroism.》。 He never really spoke much about the war, but he only would tell his favorite story of how he delivered a baby in all that turmoil He married during his stint in the service, and soon a son and a daughter would also share his love. Both of them having dark hair, olive skin, and blue eyes. everyone said how they were "the spitting image" of him, Oh, how he beamed at that statement. He worked very hard at being a good husband and father. Years passed, and he became a grandfather who was affectionately called "papa." His grandchildren adored him and were his constant companions.

    Going to McDonalds became a weekly outing for them. Bout, alas, the heart that had always given too much Jove grew weaker and weaker. After two heart attacks and a triple by-pass, his loving heart stopped, and he breathed forth his soul into the arms of God. At his funeral mass, the priest spoke of how his succewas not stored in banks but in that hearts of those who loved him. From this perspective, he was a most-successfu man and truly died a millionaire. This profile of Bob La Coy is very accurate. I know because he was my Joying father.

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