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    In September 27, 1949, China people's Political Consultative Conference first plenary meeting resolution: "People's Republic of China annals by the annals of the year", which is what we call the solar calendar, in order to distinguish the two lunar and solar calendar new year, the Lunar New Year twenty-four solar term in the "spring" just before the lunar new year, the the 1th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar renamed the "Spring Festival" the Gregorian calendar in January 1st as a "new year", so far, new year's Day became a National People's festival of joy.


    A new year will always bring good blessings to people. In this new day in addition to the old, people from all over the world are welcome to the new year with their unique and distinctive way.

    Britain: the day before New Year's day, every household must have wine in the bottle, and there are meat in the cupboard. The British people think that if there is no remaining meat, the coming year will be poor. In addition, the UK is also popular new year's "Wells" of the customs, people are fighting for the first to fetch water, think the first hit the human well-being of people, from the water is auspicious water. On the eve of the new year's Eve, the English people often take cakes and wine to visit. They do not knock at the door and go straight to the family and friends. According to the Englishman's custom, the first foot in the house after a thousand nights of new year's Eve is a sign of a new year's luck. If the first guest is a black - haired man, or a happy, happy and wealthy person, the host will be lucky all the year. If the first guest is a yellow haired woman, or a sad, poor and unfortunate person, the owner will be ill luck in the new year, and will encounter difficulties and disasters. The new year's Eve at the family home, without talking before, to go with the fire, blessing master "open the door down". In some areas of central England, new year's day out, whether familiar or unfamiliar, will send each other coins, they think that it is not only a financial gas each year, but also will bring you luck.

    India: the new year's day in India is called "the new year's Day" and "the new year's Day". On the first day of the new year, they are not allowed to be angry with people, not to lose their temper. In some places, the new year not only does not celebrate, but it is crying. They think that the new year's day begins, the years are fleeting - life is short, with crying to express their laments. People in some areas greet the new year by fasting day and night, starting from the early morning of new year's day until midnight.

    Mongolia: the arrival of the new year, Mongolia people will dress like shepherds, wearing a plush leather coat, wearing a fur hat, holding a whip, kept the whip in the air ring pops, to show evil blessing.


    Chinese on New Year's day, according to legend in Three Emperors and Five Sovereigns of Zhuanxu, which has a history of 3000 years. New year's day a word first appeared in "Jin Shu": Emperor Zhuan in the first month for Muong Xia yuan, in fact, pay New Year's spring poem. In the southern and Northern Dynasties, the literary and historian of the Southern Dynasty, Xiao Ziyun's "the mesoporous" poetry also has the new year's new year's new year's new year's new year's new year, the Wanshou first spring Dynasty record. Wu Zimu of the Song Dynasty "dream Liang Lu" volume one month entry: the first month shuori called New Year's day, people call for the new year. One year's preface, this is the first. The Han Dynasty; Cui Yuan Ming "in the" three sub hairpin called Yuan; Jin Yu Chan's "Yang Fu" are called Genshin; in a "great song XIA yuan will call the speech" in Yuan Chun; called Tang Dezong Li Shi "motohi Yuansu back toward the view camp" in the battle of poetry in our country in the cultural relics excavated Dawenkou, found a rising sun from the mountaintop, clouds among the picture. By textual research, this is the oldest writing method in China. Later, in the Shang Dynasty bronze inscription cast, and the emergence of simplified Dan pictograph. Denier words are expressed in a round sun. The word underneath the horizon means the horizon, which means the sun rises up from the horizon.

    China new year has always refers to the lunar calendar (lunar calendar, lunar calendar) is at the beginning of a month. Yuan is the beginning of the meaning of the beginning, denier day, new year's name is the initial day, that is the first day of the year. There are different names in Chinese dialects, there is a large Lunar New Year's day, called the first, called the lunar new year, is generally called a month earlier.

    New year's day, "and Shun Dian", called "three yuan yuan, Han Cui Zi Chai Ming" called "Jin Yuan; Yu Chan Yang Fu" are called Genshin; in a "great song XIA yuan will call the speech" in Yuan Chun; that the yuan Shuo Tang De Zong, Li Shi "back in the battle to view towards motohi camp" in the poem. The days of the new year's new year are not consistent in our country. In the Xia Dynasty is a dynasty at the beginning of the month, at the beginning of the December, Zhou Dai at the beginning of the November, Qin Tongyiliuguo, in early October on New Year's day, has not changed since past dynasties (the "historical records"). Beginning the first year of emperor Sima Qian, the creation of the calendar was in the beginning, it is at the beginning of the month with a new year's day, and took provisions, so also known as the lunar calendar, has been used to the revolution of 1911. The establishment of the Republic of China, Sun Zhongshan in order to line Xia, so the farming; from the western, so that statistics is a must, at the beginning of the month (New Year's day) for the Spring Festival, while the west of the calendar (Gregorian calendar) in January 1st for the new year

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